Create Podcast Skill Using RSS Feed URL

This tutorial will show you how to quickly Created Podcast Skill on GoVocal.AI
First make sure you’re Signed up on GoVocal.AI

1. Create New Project

2. Select Podcast Template

3. Save Project

4. Go to Setup

5. Provide details for Podcast Alexa Skill &
Click One-Click Deploy

Provide the Skill Name, Content Update Frequency, Category and Select the Language you want.

  1. Skill Name
    • Enter your Skill Name which will shown in Alexa Store
  2. Select Language
    • Select a Lanuage for your skill
  3. Content Update Frequency
    • Select a update frequency, to how frequently you update your content
  4. Select Category
    • Select a category to discribe your content
  5. Enter Podcast Feed URL

    • Find your podcast URL

    • search podcast by name

Once you have filled all the required details, Click on One-Click Deploy in bottom right corner.

- Once clicked, a Amazon pop-up will appear to Login for Amazon Developer account.

  • Allow the requested permissions requested by the Govocal

  • On successful skill creation, a following pop-up will occur with title “Skill successfully created!”

  • Once your skill is deployed, a green section will be appeared below the form confirming “Skill Status”.

6. Congrats! Your skill has been created.

7. Publish your podcast skill.